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And you are still falling!

The next point during your fall down the TM rabbit hole may be "Teacher Training", where you learn the highly ritualized and completely rote procedure of planting suggestions and inducing trance in TM students.  You also learn how to explain TM dogma of "unstressing" in order to talk people out of quitting the practice even when it is hurting them (but you won't see it that way, of course).

Or the next stage may be joining up as an underpaid staff member at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa.  Or you may move to Fairfield and run a business there while practicing the sidhis in one of the two Golden Domes every day.  

Actually, different people hit different stages in different orders while falling down the TM rabbit hole.  You may become a poorly paid worker at MUM first, become chronically dissociated on the equivalent of frequent "residence courses", until you eventually save up enough work credits to learn the sidhis or go to Teacher Training.  Or you may be able to become a students at MUM, earning a degree while staying on what otherwise is much like a 4-year residence course.

It doesn't really matter in what order these things happen to you. The result is chronic intense dissociation and absolute conviction that Mahesh's teachings are the highest spiritual teachings that have ever existed. You dedicate your entire life to these teachings.

The basic TM technique and the sidhis are not the only practices and teachings:

You are still falling, but is there a bottom to the TM rabbit hole?

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