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Contacting me

I appreciate and enjoy receiving your thoughts, questions, feedback, comments. You can send me an email

Just one thing: if you are feeling indignant and want to berate me, go ahead. But please make it interesting. Don't just make your argument a simple recital of TM dogma. I know it already. For example, I already know that I have betrayed the Holy Tradition and will probably be reincarnated as a dung beetle or somesuch. And please don't just dictate portions of the TM Doctrine of Spiritual Darwinism.

But if you have some original ideas to discuss, or if you have a question to ask, or if you have feedback or suggestions to make about the web site, please feel free to write even if you disagree with me.

I take privacy seriously.  I will not use your e-mail address for any purpose other than replying to you.  I will not share your e-mail address with others.

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