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"David Wants To Fly"

Anyone with more than a casual interest in TM will want to view the new film "David Wants To Fly." There is Facebook page with more information about the film.

David Sieveking is a young filmmaker who is a devoted fan of David Lynch. On Lynch's recommendation Sieveking started TM and started making a film about it. During the process of making the film Sieveking began to discover some things that unsettled him and he documented them in the film. When Lynch got wind of what they were he threatened a lawsuit unless he could approve the final cut.

What is Lynch worried about? He has a lot more money than the small production company making the film, and because of the attempted suppression the film has only been released in Germany. You can see if there are any resellers lists on Amazon.com (search for "Available from these sellers").

You can also get it from Amazon.de. You can use the same userid and password as on Amazon.com, and can use Google's translation service to help you. However Google can't translate images so the best thing to do is to also start buying something on Amazon.com and follow along with the process on Amazon.de.

(Note that this is a "Region 0" DVD in PAL format and may not play on a standard US DVD player. It won't play on mine but plays fine in my computer. You'll find something that it plays on, it's worth the effort.)

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